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iPod nano video tips?

Question by Ryan H: iPod nano video tips?
I got a new nano video and dont know how to get my tv shows on it from itunes. The music videos will download on to it though. If you know how to get tv shows on from itunes please help.

Best answer:

Answer by VickyStarr
Okay this happened on my video iPod, my settings weren’t right. Hopefully that’s all that is wrong with yours. See where under Devices, it has that little pic of an iPod and says “Vicky’s iPod” (well of course your name is there, but you get it). Go to that page. Then click up at the top where it says “TV Shows”. Then click “Sync ALL”. Make sure you click all and not all unwatched, etc. Underneath that it says All TV shows, and click that as well.

Then click sync and it should be on your iPod! Good luck! :-]

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websites and videos for beginner actresses? tips?

video tips

Question by bright n shiny, full of love: websites and videos for beginner actresses? tips?
im auditing for a school pay and i’ve never really been on stage before. are there any videos or websites out there that can help me? oh and tips from other actors would help too :)

Best answer:

Answer by Carrie
sign up for some classes. i attend a performing arts school i have 1.5 hours of theatre everyday.

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Q&A: External audio recording for video production? Tips?

video tips

Question by Andrew: External audio recording for video production? Tips?
Hey everyone. I’m a hobbyist with DSLR videography and I like making short sketches and videos. I know the built-in mic on my DSLR and even the pre-amps make it really difficult to get good quality sound, so I’ve been recording my audio completely separately using a stereo mic plugged into a completely external Sony audio recording device, all mounted on a boom. The sound is better than what the camera would give me, obviously, but it seems like depending on where I’m shooting, etc. etc. I can’t always get very good quality sound out of this setup.

I’m pretty sure that an upgrade in equipment (using XLR mics and nicer recorders, etc) would make a difference, but I’m also pretty sure that if I could learn more of the basics of capturing good audio, it would allow me to get better results with the gear I already have. Can anyone recommend a good book, website, etc. that could teach me the basics of audio recording and post-processing for videography?

Best answer:

Answer by Tim M
I purchased a relatively inexpensive cold shoe external mic for my Nikon D5100 DSLR and it works much better than the camera mic. You can find them on ebay for $ 30.00 or more. Depending on your needs, this may be one alternative for your audio needs. Attempting to edit sound outside of the video recording can be difficult and does involve skill and the proper editing software but it’s not impossible. It’s just easier when you can incorporate decent stereo audio within your video. Good luck.

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Nice Video Tips photos

A few nice video tips images I found:

I’m glad…
video tips

Image by funadium
I’m glad people find so useful my little tips and tricks to send my example about the welding mask glass used as a ND filter into Explore.
Anyway, take a look at my favorite things: the photo into that set are far better, IMHO.

Sono contento che la gente trovi i miei piccoli trucchetti così utili da far finire il mio esempio di vetro da maschera da saldatura usato come filtro ND in Explore.
In ogni caso, date un’occhiata alle mie cose preferite: le foto in quel set sono molto meglio, secondo me.

Top row:
1. Odeon Cinema Teatro
2. Think different.
3. The Big Red Button
4. Turin Roofs – I tetti di Torino
5. Welding mask glass used as ND filter – vetro per maschera da saldatura usato come filtro ND
6. Eeeech! A human!
7. Mediterranean details – Via Zara
8. Love of Summer, Summer of Love

Center row:
9. Flou effect for Blubrando rose
10. Birra Menabrea 150° Anniversario
11. Imperia Oneglia – vegetables at the Wednesday market
12. Grey Heron – Airone Cenerino
13. Ternary trenette
14. Fusilli ?waves and particles?
15. Ghostly effect
16. Cervo (Imperia)

Bottom row:
17. Summer in Riviera
18. Dandelion
19. Boom!

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Tips for a New Mac User
video tips

Image by Chris Pirillo
See the "Tips for a New Mac User" video – Daniel is the producer of the Apple Universe podcast. He made this video for us, with his top five tips for beginning Mac Users. This video was originally shared on by l0ckergn0me with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

Video broadcast of Auslan interpreter
video tips

Image by mylearning
Image from the Hot Topic Conversation webinar held on the 9 June 2010

"Tips for Teachers – Disability Awareness Training"…

Cool Video Tips images

Some cool video tips images:

Top Laid Back
video tips

Image by akiey
Best viewed Laaarge
T.I founder & CEO of Grand Hustle Records and Grand Hustle Films. Rapper, actor, construction business owner…

A design incorporating T.I’s verse from his hit song ‘Top Laid Back’ which was so big Chevrolet adopted it and the video version for the Chevvy Impala tv commercial.

More info & designs Over Here

My Little Man
video tips

Image by keira-anne ♥
The more I look at Jordy, the more I think he’s a pomeranian crossed with shiba inu – any thoughts? (It’s his facial structure and ears that tip me off.)

Kauai Trailer One
video tips

Image by NatashaBishop
Watch my video Kauai My Way for an island overview:

Check out my blog to view my itenerary and tips for traveling to Kauai.

The Business of Public Seminars — A Summary of a Talk by Paul du Toit — With Paul’s Web Links

Check out these video tips images:

The Business of Public Seminars — A Summary of a Talk by Paul du Toit — With Paul’s Web Links
video tips

Image by royblumenthal
Paul du Toit is one of South Africa’s busiest and most hardworking public speakers.

He makes a substantial income from one of his lines of business — conducting public seminars.

He shared his secrets with the Johannesburg chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) in a one-hour workshop.

I was present, making notes. This animation is my summary of the evening.

Paul graciously visited my home to record the voice track. And I did all of the painting and animating. (And editing, and everything else.)

The music is by Derek R Audette, and is used under the terms outlined on his website…

If you’re interested in how my brand of visual facilitation can add value to your event, please feel free to contact me via email on

My portfolio is at

Love Is All, Felt Tip
video tips

Image by John Niedermeyer
Love Is All, Market Hotel, Bushwick // Brooklyn, NY

Large Bell Tip Cushions – 1 Pair

Infantino 149-103 tip andtopple friend Reviews

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How in the world did coloredpeople figure out how to get on yahoo answers?

video tips

Question by : How in the world did coloredpeople figure out how to get on yahoo answers?
Okay so my friend user ID coloredpeople figured out I was getting my video game tips from yahoo answers and now he’s on to the secret! Do they advertise or something? I hope he doesn’t beat skyrim before I do.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. I know everything
Well usually when you google a question yahoo answers is usually they first thing to come up

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what good traits do a Labrador have?

Question by Israel: what good traits do a Labrador have?
can i let my dog inside my house off leash? how can i teach my dog to have manners inside my house.and what are the other good traits that a labrador have?

can u give me links (videos, tips, or others) that help me train my dog.. thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by J
The temperament of the Labrador is one of its most attractive traits. Labradors are kind, loving, outgoing, eager to please and friendly towards everyone. They are not vicious animals so instead of attacking a stranger coming into the house, they would usually just jump up on them, bark, and then eventually calm down.

You can definitely unleash your dog inside your house, I do. However, it is important that one trains their lab. An untrained lab can become unmanageable due to their size and enthusiasm. It is easy to train labradors as they are very easily pleased. It is also important that your lab exercises, so training is probably the best excercise for them.

I follow http://www. and they are pretty good.

Good Luck!

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