Are Video Games and Animation the same thing or not?

Question by Joseph: Are Video Games and Animation the same thing or not?
many people have questioned if both Video games “Xbox, PlayStation,Nintendo and internet games” and television animation “Cartoons,Anime, C.G.I., Stop-Motion, and illustration movement” are the same thing or two different categories? if the are or not, Please give full and deep detail on how and why so?

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Answer by Maria
It is a bit of both. Video games have been made of popular animes, same as with games off of your favorite movies and shows, and animes were made of popular games. Video games are, just as the name implys, games that you play, but some, like pokemon (first known as pocket monsters), were later made into a children’s show. But the opposite also happens, for example spongebob is a children’s show on Nickolodeon and video games have been made of him. This is how the overlap. The diffrence lies in that you can play video games, but only watch animated shows. Not all video games are based on a show (Cooking mama, sly cooper, black ops, ect.) and not all animation shows have a game (Invader zim, Johnny Test, Chowder, ect.)

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