4 Online Video Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

4 Online Video Tips to Dominate Google Search Results

ourOnline video marketing is a great way to get on the first page of Google. Follow these 4 online video tips to dramatically increase the odds of your video getting a top ranking resulting in lots and lots of free traffic to your website.

Tip #1 – Submit your video to YouTube If you can only pick one online site, upload your video to YouTube. It has the largest market share by far. TubeMogul statistics show that on average, a YouTube video will get 4 times as many views than a video on it’s nearest competitor. Ideally, you should use a service such as TubeMogul that submits your video to multiple video sites.

Tip #2 – Create short, content-rich videos. According to a TubeMogul study, most online video viewers do not watch for longer than 1 minute. Approximately 10% of your viewers cut out after 10 seconds, 34% after 30 seconds, 54% after 1 minute, a whopping 76% after 2 minutes, and 91% after 5 mins. You want to create short, content-rich videos. A higher percentage of your viewers will stay until the end and short videos get watched more frequently. Aim for videos 90 seconds in length and focus on a single topic.

Tip #3 - Name your video correctly. This is a critical step, and one that most people don’t do. Name your video based on the search you expect people to type in when looking for the information in your video. If your video is about losing weight quickly and you expect people to search for “quick weight loss”, name your video “Quick Weight Loss Secrets”.

Tip #4 – Send your viewers to your website. You can generate tons of traffic to your website using online videos. Make sure to mention your website in your video. You can include a screenshot at the beginning and end of your video telling your viewers to visit your website. The best way is to put your website name in your “About This Video” section. Viewers will then have a live link they can click on to go to your site so it is very easy for them.

By following these 4 online video tips, you will significantly increase your Google rankings. Give it a try and see your video on the first page of Google.

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