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Youtube: Marketing for beginners -Youtube Marketing Strategies Basics (Youtube Books – Youtube Videos – Youtube Marketing – Youtubers – Youtube Marketing Power)

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Youtube: Video Marketing – The Ultimate Guide to Making Money and Passive Income with Youtube (YouTube Marketing, YouTube, YouTube Videos, YouTube Channel, Passive Income Online)

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More Love For Mother's Day Videos on Facebook Than YouTube

More Love For Mother's Day Videos on Facebook Than YouTube
Consumers are prepared to splash out around $ 173 per head on cards, flowers, jewelery, clothes, books, days out, or a special meal for their mom, making it one of the most important annual events for brands, retailers – and of course video marketers.
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How to Make B2B Marketing Videos the Right Way
A recent study showed 63% of B2B marketers view video as “more important” for sales and marketing and 82% of B2B marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives. Furthermore, over 70% of respondents claim that video performs better than …
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Online Video Tips – 7 Secrets to Online Marketing Videos That Rock

Online Video Tips – 7 Secrets to Online Marketing Videos That Rock

Want to create online videos that rock? Just follow these 7 online video tips! You’ll have lots of online video traffic from people that get to know, like and trust you through the power of online video.

Tip #1 – Make your video appear professional. Have a good, clear background. Clutter and pictures are a big no no! And of course, dress appropriately. However, if you are promoting the lifestyle your business allows, then shoot your videos at the beach, at the slopes, on the golf course, etc.

Tip #2 – Look directly into the camera, but pretend it it someone else’s eyes. Think about your target audience, not the camera, when you talk and be sure to speak from your heart.

Tip #3 – Provide value in your content and convey a strong sense of confidence. If you do not speak with confidence your audience will not see you as an authority figure with credibility. Even if you are an expert, you won’t be seen as one unless you speak with confidence.

Tip #4 – Don’t put your website URL before the beginning of the video, it’s too much like a commercial and people may click away instantly. Your focus should be providing value so don’t lead with your website link or call to action. Give valuable content first, then put your call to action with website link at the end of the video.

Tip #5 – Add a video transition between the main video and the call to action. You can use a crossfade, a wipe, or lots of other digital effects.

Tip #6 – Add music to the end of the video in the call to action section. Use music with a good beat. People will stay on this shot longer with good music.

Tip #7 – Don’t make your video too long. Generally, your video should be 2-3 minutes max. The shorter the better. On average, only 46% of viewers watch longer than one minute, 36% watch 2 minutes or more, and a mere 17% longer than 3 minutes. If you have a long video, break it up into multiple videos.

By following these 7 online video tips, you will create high quality videos that generate tons of free online video traffic to your website.

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Karen Sielski is a passionate online wealth builder, self proclaimed cool mom, tennis enthusiast, and founder of Autopilot Online Success. She uses her MS in Computer Science and 20+ years in the high-tech industry to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and online network marketers successfully grow their businesses online.

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websites and videos for beginner actresses? tips?

video tips

Question by bright n shiny, full of love: websites and videos for beginner actresses? tips?
im auditing for a school pay and i’ve never really been on stage before. are there any videos or websites out there that can help me? oh and tips from other actors would help too :)

Best answer:

Answer by Carrie
sign up for some classes. i attend a performing arts school i have 1.5 hours of theatre everyday.

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How do I put recorded iPod videos onto the computer so that I can upload to YouTube and add audio?

Question by Dereck: How do I put recorded iPod videos onto the computer so that I can upload to YouTube and add audio?
I want to make video game tips and recordings and put them on YouTube. I record the videos on my iPod and use a microphone for audio which goes straight to the computer. I don’t know how to get the video from the iPod to the computer so that I can put the audio into it. I have Windows Movie Maker and WavePad sound editor.

Best answer:

Answer by SlimShady
If you have itunes when you plug your ipod in it will automatically pop up and then download any new pictures or videos.

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What is a good program for Animation videos?

Question by Cheertater: What is a good program for Animation videos?
My class will be doing a video animation of a story and we need a program to make it with. Does anybody know a free program to make animation videos? I already know about the one with the Japanese anime figures and I don’t want anything like that. Maybe something where you can download your own pictures and make it yourself. But it has to be free and has to be something that can last for over at least 10 minutes at the most. It has to be FREE!!! haha thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by brisray
All of these are good – http://www.allwebdesignresources.com/webdesignblogs/graphics/flash-alternatives-ultimate-list-of-flash-like-animation-software/

Also try Pencil – http://www.pencil-animation.org/

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